Scouts      Overview


Makassed Islamic Scouts Association was established in Beirut in 1981, as authorized by Article 662 of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. It subsequently expanded into all Lebanese provinces.

The Scouts Association is a voluntary non-political movement for young people, open to all regardless of gender and race. Its activities are based on the guidelines and principles set by the World Organization of the Scout Movement, while aligning to Makassed’s education values.

It offers youth activities in line with patriotic, Islamic and Scout values, helping young people become self-fulfilled citizens.

Over 5400 students from Makassed schools are enrolled in the Scouts Association, where they receive the necessary Scout training through practical programs, games and outdoor activities including camping.

The Association’s full-time team is made of specialized field experts holding the highest international, Arab and national training certificates. It includes 15 staff members (administrators and technical workers), in addition to 644 volunteer scout leaders.